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Yasmeen Khan

Library of Congress
Head of Paper Conservation
District of Columbia, Washington
Yasmeen Khan is Head of Paper Conservation at the Library of Congress. She has a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Barnard College, and an MLIS from the University of Texas with an Advanced Certificate in Conservation. In 1996 she began working for the Library of Congress, initially as a Paper Conservator, and then as a Senior Book Conservator in 2000. Though her conservation work involves treatment of all types of paper and parchment manuscripts and books, her research is focused on the characterization of bookmaking and its associated crafts in the Middle East and South Asia, and the development of techniques for the preservation of illuminated manuscripts from the same geographic area. She has taught and consulted on the subject. Her publications, many co-authored, include technical studies of early Arabic parchment leaves and Armenian bindings, conservation treatments of manuscripts and bindings, research into treatment development for iron-gall ink, and the evolution of conservation practice.