Moritz Jansen

Penn Museum
Teaching Specialist for Archaeometallurgy for the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials
philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Moritz Jansen has been the Teaching Specialist for Archaeometallurgy at the new Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials at the Penn Museum since October 2015. Before he came to the Penn Museum he was employed as a Research Fellow in the Department for Archaeometallurgy at the German Mining Museum (Deutsches Bergbau-Museum) since 2011. In his PhD research he investigated the possibilities and limitations of scientific provenance studies for Bronze Age gold artifacts from the Middle East. He received a B.A. in Geosciences and Archaeology and a M.A. in Economic and Raw Material Archaeology from the University of Bochum/Germany. One of his main research interests is the application of isotope systems of different elements (lead, copper, and osmium) for archaeometallurgical questions.