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Live Oak Friends Meeting House

Our Quaker group began in the mid-1950s as a handful of seekers who met for evening worship at a private home.  Later, as we grew in number, “home” moved eight more times, until we decided to buy a modest, blue-painted frame house with its own small garage apartment in the Heights.Our 12-year stay at the house on Alexander and 10th gave us a wonderful sense of stability.  Many who came to “look in” on Quakers decided to stay.  But as our numbers grew, the meeting house became more crowded, and classroom space--which by now included a storage room, a temporary structure, and the hall outside the bathroom--could no longer accommodate the children’s activities.In early 1995, we sold the house on Alexander Street and purchased land in Shady Acres, a neighborhood on the edge of the Heights. Early in December of 1995, Hiram Butler, a newcomer to our meeting, introduced us to James Turrell, a Quaker artist whose medium was light.  Turrell spoke of his Quaker background and shared his dream of creating a “Skyspace” for a Friends meetinghouse. It was a project beyond our conception at the time, but with the enthusiastic support from many parts of Houston, especially the art community, The Live Oak Meeting House Project was born.