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Ting-Fu Fan

San-Jian Art & Conservation 三間
Founder & Chief Conservator, San-Jian Art & Conservation (三間) , Taipei & Hong Kong (2008~NOW)
2018 Asian Cultural Council (ACC) Grantee.
2016 Project Coordinator, the First International Conference on Appreciation Collection and Conservation of the Ancient, China Academy of Art.
Conservator, Hirayama studio, CDS Department, British Museum, UK.
Research Assistant / Conservator, National Palace Museum, Taiwan.
2013 'Evaluation of funori stability in preparation methods', "Adhesives and Consolidants in Painting Conservation". Archetype Publications.
2008, 2004 Project Co-organizer of The Study of Chinese mounting Culture in Taiwan I & II, Project Award Research Subsidy from the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF).
2000-2004 Master Degree in Asian Paintings Conservation. Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan.
Thesis: “Facing Application-A Study of Temporarily Adhesive Materials. 書畫揭裱修復之研究--以暫時性加固方法與材料為主”