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Roy T. Canizaro

PhotoArts Imaging Professionals, LLC
Vice President, Electronic & Time-based Media Conservator
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Roy T. Canizaro has worked with and tested photography, movie films and photographic materials for over four decades as a photographer, videographer, electronics technician, and conservator. He is a partner and senior Electronic Media conservator at PhotoArts Imaging Professionals, LLC. Active in the conservation of A-V analog and digital media, and film, Roy has experience in digital reformatting and recovering information from damaged or erased media. Some of Roy’s projects include surveys and assessments of individual and corporate collections; conservation treatment and recommendation for preservation of analog materials, digital media & files; traditional and digital archiving, and the remediation of water and storm-damaged materials. Items treated include traditional & digital photographic materials and media, 8mm & 16mm movie films - silent and sound, analog and digital videotapes, audiotapes, and vinyl recordings. He is involved with the digital reformatting of documents and 2-d/3-d media, monitors and maintains the environmental controls of the lab facility, and manages the digital assets, analog and electronic equipment. He works with the photographic materials projects, performs media collection assessments, and assists in staff training workshops and presentations to the public. Roy attended a MS Community College and USM, majoring in Science. He was a Navy veteran, serving as an Engineering Laboratory Technician on a nuclear powered submarine. He continued his studies, ranking in the top 10% of classes in Organic/Inorganic Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Radiological and Haz-Mat Controls, plus others. Roy later trained in the use of TV studio cameras, transmission & electronics of broadcast TV. He continues to research materials and equipment, including independent study and testing. Roy is an Associate Member of AIC, a member of the EMG, PMG and CIPP Specialty groups; participates as Expert on C2CC forums, and a member of SERCA. He attended the Plastics Associated with Photography Symposium & Workshops.