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M. Moustafa

Grand Egyptian Museum
Scientific Conservator
Giza, Egypt
Licence in Archaeology from Cairo University, Faculty of Archeology, Conservation Departement , 2010 ,now he is master student specialized in conservation of wooden artifacts and working in his master about (Treatment and Conservation gilded and painted wooden artifacts with application on selected objects in Museum storage). he started working at Manial palace and museum as a conservator in 2012, after 3 years, archaeology professors Recommended him to be as a conservator at the grand Egyptian museum, he restored a lot of wooden artifacts in wood lab specially from tut ankh amun collections such as 20 wooden oshabties , 2 sistra , 2 decorative boxes, and 1 wooden modelling boat .He participated in AIC46th Annual meeting (Materials Matters) that was held in Mariott Marquiez Houston , Texas, United states of America , with an oral presentation entitled : interdisciplinary and multi technique study of painted wooden polychrome coffin from late period during 29th May – 2 nd Jun 2018. He attended various training courses and workshops organized by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the grand Egyptian museum (GEM-CC) such as : Work shop on portable x-ray radiography in archaeological field March 2017, Workshop in occupational health and safety July, 2016, Follow – Up Workshop of the training course on conservation science February, 2016, Course in conservation science November 2015, Course in wood conservation October 2015, and Course in the methods of conservation artifacts in museums June 2014. Now he participate with Japan international cooperation agency (JICA) in conservation project of gilded wooden chariots and beds from Tut Ankh Amun collection, also examination by using X-ray radiography of selected pieces from Tut Ankh Amun collection, beside participation with professors from Cairo university –conservation department in joint project of documentation and conservation process of gilded shrines of Tut Ankh Amun collection.