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Prof. Dr. Maarten R. van Bommel

University of Amsterdam, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage
Professor of Conservation Science
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Maarten van Bommel is professor of conservation science at the university of Amsterdam, were he held a position both at the faculty of Humanities and the faculty of Science. He is chair of the section conservation and restoration of cultural heritage were future conservators / restorers are trained within 9 different object related tracks. In addition, the track technical art history is part of this group. He studied chemistry at the poly-technical school in Amsterdam from 1987 to 1991. Next he went to the University of Amsterdam where he received his degree in analytical chemistry in 1995. From 1995 to 1999 he did a Ph.D. study at the University of Leiden, which resulted in a Ph. D in 2002. He started an internship in 1991 at the central research laboratory for research to objects of art and science (CL), which merged in 1997 to the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) and later on to the cultural heritage agency of the Netherlands (RCE). He had different positions at these institutes, finally as senior scientist till 2014 when he moved to the University of Amsterdam. His main research is focused on the identification and degradation studies of natural and synthetic dyes and organic pigments with as final aim to understand the original appearance of objects of art. In addition, he is leading a project devoted to the textiles found 2014 in a maritime context near the island of Texel, the Netherlands. This research focuses on both the conservation as well as the characterization of the objects found to put them in a historical context. Furthermore, he was and still is involved in many research projects dedicated to archaeological textiles. He acted as work package leader in several European funded project, currently in IPERION. He (co)authored over 70 papers.