Gillian Comerford

The Natural History Museum
Senior Conservator
London, United Kingdom
Gill leads the Preventive Conservation team for the Natural History Museum, London. Her particular interests are in developing strategies to reduce rates of decay in Natural History collections. She manages a team of Conservators that have a wide ranging skill sets from Conservation Science to Integrated Pest Management. Gill is also the NHM Salvage Officer and delivers training on the safe salvage and care of Natural History Material. Gill's main area of expertise is in collection environment monitoring. Gill manages the multi-site telemetric system that incorporates real time collection environment data seamlessly into one application. Working together with the equipment provider and the NHM Technology Solutions team Gill has been able to develop the system so that the museum can now view data in real time from the NHM collection storage and display areas in London as well as exhibit venues abroad. The system of sensors, transmitters and loggers is capable of measuring a variety of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, lux, UV, power, freezer temperature, oxygen and organic pollutants. Gill is keen to incorporate sustainable methods into all aspects of the NHM conservation effort and inparticular when specifying collection environment parameters.