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Tzu-chuan Lin

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Museum Administrator
Tzu-Chuan Lin works as a Project Coordinator at the Collection Management Department of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) since 2014. He implemented the Taiwan Tech X Art Innovation Program which combines important collections of the museum with digital technology. He holds a master degree of New Media Art from National Taiwan University of Arts; mainly focuses on the creation of multi-channel video installation, and also participates in interdisciplinary art performance, including music, dance and drama. During his working in NTMoFA, he analyzes the digital technology used the New Media artworks through his experience as an artist, and being able to plan a New Media artwork’s preservation and conservation strategy. In 2015, Lin co-organised “International Symposium: Collecting and Exhibiting New Media Arts” at NTMoFA. His recent research focuses on using Open Source Software as a restoration tool to preserve and conserve New Media Artworks, and put NTMoFA’s collection into practices.