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Mina Porell

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
Postgraduate Fellow in Paintings Conservation
Winterthur, DE
Originally from Bulgaria, Mina received her Bachelor of Art in 2002 from Oglethorpe University, where she majored in Art and minored in Spanish. Late in her senior year, the idea of becoming an art conservator took shape, so she continued her studies at the University of Georgia, receiving a Master’s degree in Art History in 2004. During the next several years, Mina’s career path led her through the commercial art world and teaching Art History at Oglethorpe. In 2013, with renewed determination to follow her passion for conservation, she participated in the FAIC Workshop in preventive conservation on Ossabaw Island. That summer, she interned at the National Gallery for Foreign Art in her native Sofia, treating French paintings from the Poetic Reality movement and rehousing a collection of Central American terracotta figurines dating to the 7th - 11th century. Upon her return to Georgia, Mina became a pre-program intern, and later conservation technician, at the Atlanta Art Conservation Center. Some of her most rewarding projects at AACC included a 19th-century presidential celery glass vase and a 1930s illustration sketch for a Coca-Cola ad. When she’s not actively involved with conservation, Mina loves to spend time with her husband and two sons, bike, hike and commune with macroand microorganisms while gardening and fermenting.
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