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Michelle Crepeau

North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
Beaufort, NC
Michelle Crepeau is a Master's degree recipient recently returned from studying abroad at Cardiff University, Wales, following the completion of an MSc. in Conservation Practice with a focus on archaeological and object conservation. She has additional undergraduate qualifications in Biology and History of Art from Bryn Mawr College, PA, and pursued conservation as a career in order to synthesize her interests in history, material culture and science. Career highlights include past work with the late Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA, The Ḉatalhöyük Archaeological Research project, Turkey, The National Museum Cardiff, Wales, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, VA. Michelle is thrilled to be the newest member of the Queens Anne’s Revenge Conservation Project and to join the North Carolina Maritime Museum family! Michelle can be found in the NCMM Beaufort QAR Satellite Lab where she answers QAR questions, demonstrates practical conservation work for the public, and explains the science behind how ‘objects’ become ‘artifacts’. Michelle would like to acknowledge the faculty and facilities at Cardiff University including Professor David Watkinson, Mr. Phil Parkes, Ms. Nicola Emmerson and Mr. Eric Nordgren for their guidance and assistance in completing the Master's research that formed the basis for this presentation and for their encouragement in sharing it with the conservation community.
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