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Laura Moeller

Strange Stock Art Conservation
Covington, KY
For the past decade, Laura has been treating paper and photographic materials for some of the largest museum and private conservation labs in the country. Laura is an alumna of the Museum Studies Graduate School at George Washington University and holds additional degrees in photography and chemistry. Laura is passionate about working with more obscure collection items and historical artifacts, specifically focusing on folk and outsider art. Her studio is located in Covington, KY.  
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05. (Objects) Preserving the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)Morgan L Burgess • Olivia Primanis 06. (Book and Paper) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Treatment of a board game with iron corrosion Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session) 09. (Book and Paper) An Experimental Gel-Based Treatment of Iron Gall Ink Corrosion Halos: Sodium Metabisulfite and Diethylene Triamine Pentaacetic Acid Solution in Agarose Gel Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)Kelly M Conlin • Rosaleen Hill • Alison Murray 20. (Book and Paper) An In Depth Treatment Study of Humidification and Flattening in Paper Conservation Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)Kesha Talbert-[PA] 21. (Book and Paper) Mass Deacidification Carrier Fluid Selection to Protect Media Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)John W. Baty • La Verne Lopes • Kent John 41. (Book and Paper) Rising from the ashes : The conservation and treatment of paper support objects with large loss and burn Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)Su-Yuan Cheng • Jen Jung Ku 44. (Book and Paper) Bold Will Hold: Investigating Artist Materials of Classic American Tattoo Flash Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)Laura Moeller 51. (Collection Care) An inexpensive and visually appealing solution to environmentally based distortions in limp vellum bindings Texas Ballroom (Foyer outside Ballrooms - Poster Session)Colyn Wohlmut

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