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Joy Gardiner

Winterthur Museum/University of Delaware
Director of Conservation
Winterthur, DE
Joy Gardiner received her B.F.A. in Textile Arts from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia in 1977. She remained in Philadelphia and worked in various guises as a free-lance artist before pursuing a career in conservation. Her preprogram conservation experiences included: volunteering in the Textile Conservation Lab at the Winterthur Museum; working for Helene Von Rosenstiel, a private textile conservator in Brooklyn, NY; and working on a rug and tapestry storage project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 1988, She received her M.S. in Art Conservation from WUDPAC, majoring in textile conservation. Her third-year internship was with the Textile Conservation Center at the Museum of American Textile History in North Andover, MA. Gardiner’s nine-month post-graduate Master Apprenticeship in Costume and Textile Conservation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was sponsored by the NEA. Following the grant, she began working as a contract textile conservator for the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Winterthur Museum, as well as doing private work and conservation surveys for a number of local institutions. In May of 1991, Gardiner began to work full time on staff at the Winterthur Museum as an assistant textile conservator and to teach in WUDPAC. She has lectured on a variety of topics relating to textile conservation with a number of these being written up in pre- and post-prints. She has been treasurer (1993-1994), vice-chair (1998-1999) and chair (1999-2000) of the Textile Specialty Group of the AIC and since 2000 has been on the Steering Committee/Board of the North American Textile Conservation Conference.