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Robert Proctor-[PA]

Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation
Houston, TX
Robert G. Proctor Jr. is a painting conservator in Houston, Texas. He has worked on numerous public murals and has developed a variety of structural techniques for minimal intervention. He teaches about varnishes and thread-by-thread tear re-weaving at U.S. conservation programs and regional groups in Europe and South America.

He received a B.A. from Tulane University in 1982 and a M.F.A. Certificate in Conservation from Buffalo State College in 1992. He was chair of AIC’s Painting Specialty Group in 1998 and chair of it’s Ethics Committee in 1994. He was Professor of Paintings Conservation at Buffalo State College in the spring of 1996. He has given lectures and taught workshops on tear repair and picture Varnishes at The Louvre, The Rijksmuseum, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Getty, Yale, Hamilton Kerr/Cambridge University, St. Louis Museum of Art, Buffalo State College, Winterthur/ University of Delaware, etc.. He has been on contract or held fellowships at: MFA, Houston, Shelburne Museum, NY Bureau of Historic Sites, Oklahoma City Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the St. Louis Art Museum, etc….