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Alison Rohly

North Dakota State University
Graduate Research Assistant
Fargo, North Dakota
Alison Rohly graduated from Bethel University in the Twin Cities with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. During her time at Bethel, she worked at 3M as a tech aide in the Automotive Aftermarket Division, focusing on polyurethane adhesives for panel repair and basecoats. After graduating, Alison joined Valspar’s A2LA division, focused on analyzing coating performance through a variety of standard test methods. She joined the Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department at North Dakota State University in the fall of 2012 in Dr. Dean Webster’s group. Previous work included the development of epoxy and melamine-formaldehyde biobased coating systems. Currently, she is working with the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training on the development of improved stone consolidants for calcareous stone materials.
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