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Friday, June 1

8:30am MDT

(Architecture) The development of modern organic materials, 1845-1930 Texas Ballroom CNorman Weiss (Book and Paper) Small but bulky: a study on the rebinding of a portable 15th century book of hours Texas Ballroom DKimberly Kwan (Objects + Archaeological Conservation) Facial Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Mummies: Experiences from the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum Texas Ballroom BSanchita Balachandran-[Fellow] • Juan Garcia • Mark Roughley • Kathryn Smith • Meg Swaney • Caroline Wilkinson (Paintings) The Blues of Jan de Bray's Judith and Holofernes: the technical study of two blue pigments and its impact on treatment Texas Ballroom AGerrit Albertson • Dr. Yoshinari Abe • Dr. Art Proaño Gaibor • Anna Krekeler • Dr. Annelies van Loon • Petria Noble (Research and Technical Studies + Wooden Artifacts) All that Glitters: Visualizing and Characterizing Gold Leaf through Macro-XRF Scanning Kingwood Meeting RoomDouglas MacLennan • Nathan Daly • Arlen Heginbotham • Lynn Lee • Catherine Schmidt Patterson • Yvonne Szafran • Karen Trentelman • Nancy Turner (Textiles) A Lot of Nitpicking; Documentation of Tom Welter’s painted silk battle flag encapsulation method and materials. River Oaks Meeting RoomAnn Frisina (Collection Care) Materials Selection for Storage, Exhibit, & Transport: A Moderated Panel Discussion Meyerland Meeting RoomPamela Hatchfield • Catharine Hawks • Eric Breitung • University Products • Andrew Robb • Michael Skalka

9:00am MDT

9:30am MDT

9:45am MDT

10:30am MDT

(Architecture) Moving a Monument: The Relocation of Extending Arms of Christ at Houston Methodist Hospital Texas Ballroom CKelly Ciociola-[PA] • Rosa Lowinger-[Fellow] • Christina Varvi-[PA] (Book and Paper) Transparent Liquid Colors: "Not Just For Ornament" Texas Ballroom DJoan Irving (Collection Care) Towards understanding the basis of Oddy test failures via quantitative volatile organics and other analytical analyses Meyerland Meeting RoomEric Monroe • Fenella France • Amanda Jones • Cindy Connelly Ryan • Kelli Stoneburner (Electronic Media) Introducing ‘Code Resituation’: Applying the Concept of Minimal Intervention to the Conservation Treatment of Software-based Art Briargrove Meeting RoomDeena Engel • Joanna Phillips (Objects + Archaeological Conservation) Hot Tub Time Machine: A Heated Water System for Artifact Disassembly and Treatment Texas Ballroom BWilliam Hoffman • Ralph Spohn (Paintings) Material Matters Research for Rare Wall Murals revealed at the Historic Sinclair Inn Museum Texas Ballroom AJohn Ward • Emma Claire Hartman (Photographic Materials) Color Records: Wood’s Diffraction Process of Color Photography Hunters Creek Meeting RoomZach Long (Research and Technical Studies + Wooden Artifacts) Another Look at Conserving a Japanned High Chest Kingwood Meeting RoomChristopher Swan • Kirsten Moffitt-[PA] (Textiles) The Use Of Paper-Based Materials For The Treatment Of Plant Fiber River Oaks Meeting RoomAnoek De Paepe • Marieke van Es • Siska Genbrugge

11:00am MDT

(Architecture) Transportation, Installation, and Conservation of the 20th c. fresco 'Haitian Massacre, 1937': Challenges, solutions, and contributions Texas Ballroom CViviana Dominguez-[PA] • Hilda Abreu Utermohlen-[Fellow] (Book and Paper) John Singer Sargent: New insights into his watercolor materials and techniques Texas Ballroom DFrancesca Casadio • Agnese Babini • Veronica Biolcati • Mary Broadway • Danielle Duggins • Gianluca Pastorelli • Emeline Pouyet • Ken Sutherland • Marc Sebastian Walton (Collection Care) Evaluating the Potential of A-D Strips for Assessing the Safety of Materials for Museum Objects Meyerland Meeting RoomKelly McCauley Krish • Jean-Louis Bigourdan (Electronic Media) Revealing Hidden Processes: Instrumentation and Reverse Engineering in the Conservation of Software-based Art Briargrove Meeting RoomTom Ensom (Objects + Archaeological Conservation) ‘All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter’: Developing Guidelines for the Recovery of Tin-plate on Mineralized Archaeological Iron through Material Analysis Texas Ballroom BMichelle Crepeau • Nicola Emmerson • David Watkinson (Paintings) An Obscured Beauty: analysis and treatment of "Dancing Girl" by Muhammad Baqir Texas Ballroom AMelissa Gardner • Dr. Corina E. Rogge-[PA] (Photographic Materials) The Chemistry of Digital Fine Art Paper Yellowing: A Comparative Case Study of Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300gsm and Harman Inkjet Glossy Art Fibre Warmtone by Hahnemühle Hunters Creek Meeting RoomMonique C. Fischer-[Fellow] • Savannah Butler • Carew Giberson Chen • Arthur McClelland • Nina Shevzov Zebrun • Vanya Zvonar (Textiles) The Hidden Codex, A discussion of loss of cultural heritage of the history and religion of indigenous people and its impact on Mesoamerican studies through the examination of a possible newly discovered... River Oaks Meeting RoomKelly H. Gross • Loren Jeffries • Roger Sexton (Research and Technical Studies + Wooden Artifacts) Bringing back color: Retouching faded furniture with colored light Kingwood Meeting RoomProf. Dr. Maarten R. van Bommel • Federica van Adrichem • Jaap Boonstra

11:30am MDT

12:00pm MDT